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We are committed to providing CEOs and senior executives of mid-to-large companies across North America with the tools and strategies they need to maximize their bottom line and make improvements in financial performance.

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How coaching works



Our executive clients are carefully paired with an Exponential Results coach who possesses a wealth of experience and expertise—with each having held senior executive positions, is a seasoned behavioral expert in addition to their formal training, and has a minimum of 20,000 coaching hours.


Coaching Sessions

Leveraging their unparalleled blend of C-suite leadership experience and behavioral science expertise, our coaches empower executives to rapidly enhance their leadership skills and deliver tangible results. Sessions are conducted via video conferencing or phone for convenience. 


Tracked metrics

Progress is measured against a comprehensive set of metrics aligned with individual, divisional, and company goals. These metrics often include EBITDA, team and individual performance, culture, leadership talent management retention, and succession planning.


Manager Integration

Leaders can empower managers to access the Metrics section of the Power Pathways™ Portal, facilitating better communication, positive feedback, and actionable insights.

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