Velocity Leadership Consulting Becomes Exponential Results

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Name Change Reflects Company’s Emphasis on Tangible, Measurable Outcomes;

Focus on “Using Science to Make Leaders More Effective” Remains Unchanged

DENVER, CO (August 14, 2022) —Velocity Leadership Consulting, a pioneering leadership development firm that utilizes neuroscience to produce dramatic client outcomes, has changed its name to Exponential Results.

As it did under its previous company name, Exponential Results will continue to “help senior leaders, executives, divisional teams, and business owners maximize their potential.” What’s more, the company will maintain its competitive advantage by using principles of neuroscience – how our brains work – to uncover blind spots and transform the behaviors that hold leaders back. 

According to Karen Brown, who founded Velocity Leadership Consulting in 2012, the name change was necessitated in order to focus on the company’s main priority: results. 

“Regardless of what line of business you’re in, it all comes down to results,” noted Brown, who has 30 years of success as a corporate executive, 20,000 hours of senior executive coaching experience, executive leadership coaching certification from the Positive Psychology Institute, and certification as a Master Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner . “It doesn’t matter how hard you work, all that truly matters is the goal: did you deliver the outcomes that your client wanted and paid for?


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“The bottom line is, we’re the same company, but we felt compelled to change our name to place more emphasis on the area that truly separates us from our competitors – the tangible, measurable results.”

At the heart of Exponential Results’ methodology is its  proven Power Pathways Method. This science-based approach – which works at the unconscious level where negative behavioral patterns are originally formed – focuses on the specific patterns that impede performance, replacing them with patterns that produce elite execution. 


Founded in 2012 as Velocity Leadership Consulting, Exponential Results is a minority- and woman-owned business headquartered in Denver, CO. Exponential Results helps senior leaders, executives, divisional teams, and business owners maximize their potential. Founded on the neuroscientific principles of how our minds work, the company’s Power Pathways methodology serves as a catalyst for rapid, lasting results. What’s more, the results achieved are permanent, because old patterns and habits are transformed. Each of the company’s coaches has logged over 20,000 coaching hours and have had careers themselves as corporate senior executives. For more information, visit To visit their LinkedIn page, go to