Aaron S.

Dianna Huff

I have always been a leader inside and outside of the workplace. My leadership style has always been to lead by example. However, after several years of managing people, I found that my message wasn’t being received the way I had intended. 

Through both internal and third-party feedback, I was really struggling to communicate effectively to find a connection with my team and peers. Bottom line, I wasn’t developing my team, or creating the results in our business that I was seeking as a leader. 

Exponential Results is amazing! My coach helped me identify and overcome these challenges by getting to the root of my personal barriers and helped me understand how my behavioral patterns and communication methods have been shaped by my life experiences. Through Power Pathways techniques that my coach taught me, I have improved my self-awareness and become a more effective communicator in both my work and personal life. 

I learned the power of asking questions so that others are heard and my message is received the way that I intend. Not only do I recognize my own progress, it has been recognized by my team and others in my organization. Thank You Exponential Results!