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Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc.
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Steigers Corporation
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NFI Industries
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Titan Abrasive Systems
DES Marketing
Denver Health Hospital Authority
Our IT team has grown rapidly over the years.  Due to the size of the team, reach over 400 teammates, and the speed of growth, it has become increasingly difficult to create alignment and accountability.

Christian W.
CIO of FirstBank

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My opportunity was communicating more effectively in executive level meetings. My Exponential Results coach challenged me to identify the root cause of my issue.  Like many leaders, I had attempted to implement improvements and while it worked temporarily, there was no permanent improvement.   My coach helped me realize that I needed to change my personal beliefs about myself while implementing physical changes in order for improvements to be sustained for the long-term.

Luis G.
President of Loan Review

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I was struggling with being able to support, trust and empower my team as we were faced with high expectations and high volume. The situation was undermining the team’s abilities to work independently, cohesively and make decisions effectively. Providing a safe space to express my worries, blind spots and successes, after just two sessions with my Exponential Results coach, I realized how detrimental, yet solvable, this situation was. Identifying key objectives and metrics facilitated immediate change, realizing the positive impact when others feel valued and entrusted with decisions. The coaching practices guided my thinking, decisioning, habits and growth. My coach held me accountable and supported the premise of team member accountability in a positive supportive way, and I have learned how to provide a safe space for each team member. The team dynamics are the strongest we have had in years, with transparency, trust, support, and empowerment. The impact, in just three short months, has been transformative. I would say life changing for me and my team. Coaching has redefined how I look at things and how I approach work, life and relationships. I am a stronger, more effective and flexible leader.

Natalie R.
President of Internal Audit

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Within the first three coaching sessions, the coach delivered ROI that far exceeded the entire coaching fee.

Dianna H.

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There is no amount of money that can account for the value that coaching has brought to me. Their coaching comes with my highest recommendations!

Bill S.

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My coach has not only kept me accountable but has given me the tools to create boundaries around situations that don’t meet my ultimate goal. Under her coaching direction, I have not only created a 7-year exit strategy but am finally aware of the power of the subconscious mind.

Diana A.

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My issue is with schedule—feeling like I don’t have enough time to get everything done. Working with Exponential Results challenged me to identify the biggest thing taking all my time and changing it. Like other leaders, I am a pleaser by nature, which meant I became the go-to and I thought it was easier to just tell others how to do it. What coaching got me to realize is that by continuing with this, I not only deplete myself physically, I also deprive my company of my best work.

Kelly B.
Operations Manager

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My Exponential Results coach provided great insight into how to increase my effectiveness. She offered constructive counsel with an empathetic but uncompromising delivery. I have not only enjoyed working with Exponential Results, but have also benefited greatly from it.

George E.

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Coaching has given me the tools to better understand how and why we react to one another in different settings and with different challenges. This has empowered the team to assume ownership trust one another. The team is now functioning at a much higher level and finding solutions to problems that they own.

Gary B.
Chief, Denver Paramedics

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My Exponential coach was critical in keeping me accountable and ensuring that I was facing the challenges and work head-on, taking the most effective path. She also helped me check my thinking and ensure I developed the skills required to rapidly assess and work on the right things at the right time.

Paul S.
President and CEO

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Partnering with Exponential Results has been one of the best business decisions of my career. The ROI is off the charts.

Brandon A.
President, and CEO

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It is truly amazing to see how seemingly small changes can yield tremendous results. What Exponential Results excels at is helping you get out of your own way so you can unlock your potential. There is no magic pill, however…you’ll need to be honest and ready to work! 

Adam S.
Executive Vice President

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The truly exciting part has been to see the impact that my coaching sessions have had on all of my team members, and how the things we work on during my sessions have bled through into the culture of my team as a whole.

Derek L.
Executive Vice President

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Exponential Result’s model of using behavioral cues and measurable goals resonated really well with me. It helped to ensure I was focusing on the right things and allowed me to build lasting change.

Kyle H.
Executive Vice President – Commercial Lending

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Now, having a coach, I have been able to expand my thought processes and entertain viewpoints that I never would have considered if on my own.

Mark O.
President of Investments

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After working with my Exponential coach, I realized disciplined power work times and well defined deliverables were the key to unlocking new leadership skills.

Jim R.

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My coach helped me identify and overcome these challenges by getting to the root of my personal barriers and helped me understand how my behavioral patterns and communication methods have been shaped by my life experiences. Through Power Pathways techniques that my coach taught me, I have improved my self-awareness and become a more effective communicator in both my work and personal life.

Aaron S.
RVP Operations

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Exponential Results helped my team members grow substantially in ways that we had not seen progress in before.

Dave B.
President, Integrated Logistics

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I’ve achieved goals that were once tremendously difficult and results that seemed only a dream. My breakthroughs have been life-changing – I am incredibly grateful.

Gina N.
Business Director

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The coaches' ability to hear what is going on underneath what appears to be the issue to bring better understanding of the true motivation is incredible.

Amy L.

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Working with Exponential Results has been game-changing for me personally and professionally.

Kelsey R.
Director of Product Management

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Exponential Results helped me overcome my unconscious roadblocks and identify triggers that were self-limiting. Through my coach’s thought-provoking questions, methods of creating new habits, and holding me accountable for my actions, I am a stronger leader.

Krista O.
Vice President of Agency Relations and Safety Services

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