Dave B.


I needed to expand the leadership capabilities of key team members for succession roles and usher in the next level for our rapidly growing business. The organic development of our leadership team is integral to the maintenance and expansion of our culture, which is at the core of our value proposition to our employees.

I recognized that I did not have all the tools I needed to fully empower key team members to be their absolute best and true selves as leaders. As my coach began to work with these team members, it was clear there are alternative paths that can help support the leadership development we were looking for.

Exponential Results helped my team members grow substantially in ways that we had not seen progress in before. 

Additionally, by working in tandem with the Exponential team, I was able to understand other gaps in team members that I might be able to work through with my coach.

The growth and development of this employee empowered me to make systemic changes to my organizational structure that has set the stage for our next level of growth. By leaning into the program and galvanizing my leadership to engage and embrace these practices, we are now a much stronger organization as a result.