Derek L.

Rachel Cunliffe

I began my work with Exponential Results during the middle of the pandemic in 2020.  With all the chaos brought on by COVID, my team scattered around working remotely from home, and an increasingly troublesome level of “burnout” setting in among my team members, it goes without saying that I was in need of some coaching.  

I needed to find ways to connect with my team members one-on-one and be a resource for them, and I needed to find ways to motivate them and battle the burnout. My leadership style up to that point in my career was a more casual approach that I would sprinkle in as needed, and did not have a lot of structure to it.  That approach was not going to cut it given the circumstances.

With help from my coach, I was able to implement structure and processes that allowed for regularly-scheduled, impactful one-on-ones with my team members. I was also able to implement a variety of tools to help battle burnout and raise the spirits of the team during weekly meetings.  

The biggest surprise to me was the outpouring of positive feedback I received from virtually all of my team members regarding the tools I had implemented. 

It was clear that the one-on-ones were much appreciated and meaningful to my team members, and our weekly team meetings took on a more positive, upbeat vibe as a result of the tools implemented to combat burnout. That positive vibe is still there and going strong almost four months later, as are my one-on-one coaching sessions with my team members.

My coach helped me by asking the right questions and getting me talking. I believe the sign of a great coach is someone who can not only give sound guidance and ideas but can ask great questions to help me arrive at solutions on my own as well.  

Additionally, she has helped me create the structure, deadlines, and accountability that I need to be a more effective leader. My coaching sessions are upbeat, efficient, and concise, and my coach does a great job providing positive reinforcement and praise anytime I have a “win.”

My main goal when I started coaching with Exponential Results was to make myself a better leader for my team, find new ways to show up for them, and help them grow and thrive.  

While coaching has had a positive impact on me personally as well, the truly exciting part has been to see the impact that my coaching sessions have had on all of my team members, and how the things we work on during my sessions have bled through into the culture of my team as a whole. 

I’m engaging with them more regularly and am using a structure that is producing positive outcomes, morale during meetings has improved, and we are functioning at a higher level, which is awesome to be a part of.