Diana A.


From our initial conversation I knew without a doubt that Exponential Results was for me.  My coach listened to my challenges, what my exit strategy was and why a coach could help me reach my goals. Her response was shockingly spot on. Not only did she listen to my story, she responded with questions that made me stop and re-evaluate where I really was and what I needed to commit to in order to reach my business goals. 

Her promise to me was to hold me accountable to the initial goals I set for myself and to do the work necessary to meet those goals. My coach has not only kept me accountable but has given me the tools to create boundaries around situations that don’t meet my ultimate goal. Under my coach’s guidance I realize that I have been holding myself back from building the business I’m meant to have. Under her coaching direction, I have not only created a 7-year exit strategy but am finally aware of the power of the subconscious mind. 

My coach’s knowledge, professionalism and integrity is immeasurable. I am looking forward to working with Exponential Results to meet my long term business goals.