Jim R.


Prior to Exponential Results, I had used intuition, being readily available, a strong work ethic, and a “lead by example” approach as my leadership style. This approach, while having many positive attributes, resulted in not finding time for strategy, high impact efforts, or proper balance in life. 

After working with my Exponential coach, I realized disciplined power work times and well defined deliverables were the key to unlocking new leadership skills. Working smarter vs harder is a much better “lead by example” approach. In addition, my coach helped me appreciate the importance of restful renewal which has translated into improved creativity, goal setting, and increased energy for the team.

My coach’s methodical approach of thought provoking questions, excellent listening skills, regular coaching sessions, and strong follow through are what sets an Exponential coach apart from others. In addition, my coach encouraged me to share this journey with the team so they could see that as a leader, I am trying to balance many of the same issues they face each day. 

This empowered the team to work on themselves, grow as leaders, and opened the door for open conversations concerning our strategy and priorities. In short, thanks to Exponential Results, the team is working smarter, on the most important things, and at the same time have the time and energy to be creative.