Luis G.

Nate Zich

My opportunity was communicating more effectively in executive level meetings. My Exponential Results coach challenged me to identify the root cause of my issue.  Like many leaders, I had attempted to implement improvements and while it worked temporarily, there was no permanent improvement.   My coach helped me realize that I needed to change my personal beliefs about myself while implementing physical changes in order for improvements to be sustained for the long-term.  

With my coach’s guidance, I realize that I had been struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like I didn’t deserve my success and position.  After this realization, we worked together on a game-plan to update my beliefs and corresponding behavioral patterns to implement practical actions and ultimately, improve my performance in executive level meetings.   

Now, I show up confidently and readily speak up and contribute.  Additionally, my presentations at these meetings are more succinct and resonate well with audiences.  Furthermore, these changes have benefited how I lead my teams and functional areas.