Nicole W.

Carrie Ybarra

As a high performer, I had lost sight that not all individuals are wired the same way and what motivates
me, may not motivate my team. Working with my coach helped me understand that everyone is wired
differently, and different people need different things to be effective. This invaluable insight has not
only improved my leadership skills but also my ability to collaborate effectively with my team and teams
across the entire company.
With Exponential Results’ help, my team is now functioning well and producing the desired results. My
team feels empowered to make changes, provide valuable feedback, and grow together. I have gained a
deeper understanding of what motivates individuals and how I play a critical role in their success. In
addition, the model has allowed me to understand that I must slow down and meet my team where
they are.
As a result of working with Exponential Results, I am a more well rounded leader, am self-aware and
have become a more effective communicator.