Paul S.


After being appointed CEO, I knew that I needed to elevate my game. I knew that my schedule and where I focused my time was no longer going to cut it. I needed to make time for the imperatives that were required of me as CEO.

With my coach’s guidance, insights, and practical instruments to deploy, I was able to rapidly adjust the way I needed to operate to make time and space in my day-to-day schedule for the things that I knew needed to happen, the non-negotiables. Furthermore, my Exponential coach helped me realize that I needed a set of goals that pertained to improving and leading myself first. 

Over time, keeping me accountable to these has meant that I now have been able to effectively tackle the challenges that were up to me to resolve in order for the business to have a trajectory and operating plan not only for the next year but a clearer strategy out beyond 5 years.

My Exponential coach was critical in keeping me accountable and ensuring that I was facing the challenges and work head-on, taking the most effective path. She also helped me check my thinking and ensure I developed the skills required to rapidly assess and work on the right things at the right time.

By better leading myself first, I have been able to better lead the team and positively impact and influence all my stakeholders. This has created a great positive chain reaction throughout the business. I have not only achieved many of my goals faster than I anticipated but have gotten through many business imperatives significantly faster than originally planned.