Power Pathways™ Portal

Quickly define and track objectives and achieve goals. The portal is a proven fast track to success and an investment in your bottom line.

Making systemic improvements

Underlying the ability to make quick actionable changes is the need to pinpoint behavioral patterns within a backdrop of how our brains create them. Our exclusive Power Pathways™ Portal was created to help leaders make systemic improvements based on how their brains work.

Cutting-edge methods

Once a coaching session is complete, the Portal creates a synopsis of the session that includes the Key Insights and Actions discussed with your coach. Session Notes are stored in the Portal and sent to you by email.

Accountability metrics

The Portal allows you and your Coach to quickly see if you’re on track or need help. The system sends reminders to add your metrics – for continuous up-to-date reporting.

Measurable results

Track program ROI by any metric you choose, including department, business unit, or company-wide revenue.

Lasting change

The key to lasting change is seeing your progress. The Power Pathways Portal is flexible enough to track any metric, including Leadership Effectiveness – while ensuring your changes hold for the long term.

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