Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Create deep and permanent change with Power Pathways™

Unconscious bias training

Unconscious bias within company leadership results in pay and advancement opportunity inequities, lack of workforce diversity, and unsupportive or unsafe work environments for people from historically marginalized groups.

Unconscious bias training is a foundation for building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable company culture, but to transform a culture, this training must go beyond simply promoting awareness.

Deep and permanent change 

When diversity, equity, and inclusion are approached as a check-the-box initiative, it is likely to have a negligible impact and culture will slip back to previous patterns.

To effectively follow through on their DEI commitments, companies must utilize a method that creates deep and permanent change.

Build new, more inclusive behaviors that last

By combining coaching and our proprietary Power Pathways program, leaders become change agents of DEI using five steps:

Power Pathways™ Method

Impact: Long-term cultural change

Once leaders uncover personal patterns that cause repeated challenges, they permanently transform their thinking patterns for transformational results that ripple out company-wide.

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