Success Transformational Coaching Services

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Find Hidden Time in Your Schedule With Transformational Coaching Services

The first thing a new client shares with me is they don’t have enough time to do everything they desire. I listen as they explain the usual scenario: “I want to finish all my work and spend time in the evening and weekends relaxing, with people I care about.” Or some version of it. Here’s the truth: work/life balance is not a myth—you just gave up on it because your behavioral patterns got in the way of achieving it. 

Behavioral patterns are just that: patterns that are repeated over and over unconsciously. When you don’t think you have enough time, you’ve been running the same pattern producing the same result. To run a new one and produce the result you want, you have to think differently. This is where Success Transformational Coaching Services comes in. 

Since this is common with all clients, we start by asking them to identify their biggest time bandit(s). This is eye-opening because it’s usually other people asking for their help. By virtue of the fact they are in a leadership role, they feel obligated to always say yes and help. This is a problem because it not only robs the leader of the time to complete their work, it robs the person asking for help the opportunity to come up their own solutions, which is how they grow and develop their thinking. 

Another problem is when work isn’t finished during the day, it seeps into evenings and weekends, which is really costly. Our brains work best when they have time to rest and rejuvenate, which means time spent not working. When we keep working and working, our brain gets no rest time and thinking is markedly compromised. Also, physical energy and resilience is depleted. Our brains use up the most physical power, so when we are working all the time, we lack energy and ability to be resilient and flexible. This can, and often, leads to physical problems like illness and disease.  

Aren’t all of us getting paid to do our best thinking at work? Isn’t this what we want to do? No one goes to work and thinks, “well, I’m going to do my worst thinking today!” But this is what happens unconsciously. 

After identifying time bandits, it’s time to work with your success transformational coach to change the behavioral pattern of continuing to say yes and help. Part of this is teaching others a new pattern as well and to use their resources and brain to find solutions to the problem, instead of coming to you. You’ve hired them to think, right? That’s how they carry out their job. But if they continually come to you for the answer, they aren’t doing the thinking – you are. And you are stopping them from doing it! You are also stopping them from developing their thinking to a higher level. 

This is one of those things that is right in front of us all day long.  We never connect it to cause of the lack of time, because we are simply running the same pattern, unconsciously. It’s only when that pattern is interrupted by your success transformational coach that you think differently and find the hidden time in your schedule.