The Time Isn’t Right…Or Is It??

person wearing brown and white watch

We can get caught up in thinking, “the time isn’t right to do that.” And then, we don’t identify exactly what will make the time right to do it, and keep floating through our days. Pretty soon, months later, we wake up and realize we wanted to do something and didn’t and feel regretful. And, often times embarrassment or worse and we stop ourselves from doing it altogether.

If this is you, consider this: Instead of waiting for the perfect time, why not create it yourself?

When we fear doing something, we get ready to get ready and put obstacles in the way of starting. The truth is that you will never get through the obstacles because your mind isn’t made up to do it. And, here’s another secret; you don’t need to know all of the HOW to make up your mind to do it. You can simply decide that’s what you want to do, and that no matter what the outcome, you are going to pursue it.

Opening up to the idea in this way allows your brain to start working on the HOW, which manifests and attracts the things you need to do it, thus creating the perfect time. I challenge you to try this.

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