Cross the Q4 Finish Line with Velocity

Man Ripping Finish Line Strap

With 2020’s finish line in sight, now is the time to take quick, bold, decisive action to achieve your organization’s Q4 objectives. We’re seeing astounding, fast results so we wanted to share what is working and encourage you that it’s not too late to bring in your numbers by cutting through the clutter and applying the right tools.

We’re working with a number of leaders across all industries who are achieving results in 60 to 90 days and exceeding their return-on-investment expectations in some very significant ways:

  • A technology company CEO saw a 25% increase in company value based on changes he implemented during just seven sessions with a Velocity Leadership Consulting coach.
  • A healthcare industry executive team saw an average quarterly revenue gain of 17% each quarter.
  • Amid the pandemic, a large bank was able to stabilize their revenue and tackle the new challenges they faced by implementing new behaviors.
  • A young company doubled their business after eight sessions with Velocity.

The action you take is dependent on thought processes and behaviors that either empower or impede your performance. Patterns sourced from the conscious mind can often be obstacles to the peak performance that can come from tapping into the unconscious mind.

Here’s the four-step process we’ve incorporated into our Power PathwaysTM program that provides a streamlined process to catalyze quick, actionable, systemic change that achieves results.

  1. Goals: Clarify and distill your goals down to the critical few – no more than five – that when achieved rapidly will meet objectives. Often an outside perspective assists in this clarification process.
  2. Awareness: Identify patterns of thinking and behavior, or blind spots, that limit your performance and accomplishments and develop new, productive responses that can be substituted to empower goal achievement. This is almost impossible to do alone and where neurolinguistics programming expertise proves invaluable.
  3. Interrupt & Substitute: Recognize and interrupt old behavior patterns and remind the conscious to substitute the new thought or behavior in order to engrain a new response into the unconscious. Again, the right tools and the right guide are critical to opening unconscious blocks in order to create new and lasting neural pathways.
  4. Track Results to Goals: Mindset drives actions. A tool like Velocity’s Power Pathways Portal keeps track of the changes you make each time you interrupt those unproductive patterns and substitute the new approach. This lets you see directly how your changes in behavior align with goals and bring about quick results.

Executives working with Velocity achieve their first-round goals in 60 to 90 days by tapping into the power of the unconscious mind, which processes not only far more data than the conscious mind, but 1500 times faster. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, helping to clarify strategy, strip away the nonessential tasks, hone their focus on what needs to be done right now, and carry out their strategic plan to rapidly achieve goals.

Through the application of scientifically-proven neurolinguistic programming techniques, Velocity equips executives with the tools to examine and change limiting thoughts and beliefs, drive productive actions, and yield more impactful results.