New Leadership Development Program Helps Companies Respond to The Great Resignation and Win the War for Talent

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Velocity Leadership Consulting’s neuroscience-based program addresses unconscious leadership bias to transform company culture and accelerate business results.

DENVER, CO – Velocity Leadership Consulting has launched a new science-based Leadership Development Program which utilizes Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to address unconscious leadership bias and accelerate change in today’s ultra-competitive corporate landscape. Our Leadership Development Program utilizes scientific principles of NLP to identify and change ineffective behavioral patterns, and enhance the patterns in the unconscious mind that underpin elevated performance.

Velocity Leadership Consulting’s new Leadership Development Program has gained the attention of leaders at companies in banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. It puts a spotlight on the issues companies are facing today including succession planning, retention, and company culture during The Great Resignation.

“The bottom line is that the extent of a company’s success depends on the strength of its leaders,” explained Velocity founder and CEO Karen Brown. “To win the current war for talent, companies must keep the best, get the best, and build better cultures. It’s a pivotal time for a scientific leadership development program like ours. Because we incorporate a behavioral neuroscience methodology, we can help companies transform from the inside out by up-leveling their leaders and building a solid culture that supports team members, which propels business results.”

The comprehensive program is geared towards executives and entire senior leadership teams, producing rapid, next-level leadership development for companies of all sizes. The program is highly impactful for companies who are experiencing challenges including:

  • Senior leadership transitions and successors who are not ready to fill senior leadership roles
  • Company acquisition and the challenges around effectively managing talent mergers
  • Sub-par team, division, or company performance
  • Lack of alignment amongst the senior team
  • Issues that need rapid resolution for fast change and lasting results

Designed to improve top talent retention and recruitment, Velocity’s Leadership Development Program is crafted for each corporation to address their specific needs. Through the program, Velocity helps leadership teams identify core leadership competencies for their business, conducts 360 evaluations and interviews, identifies baseline and desired state for company culture, performs one-on-one coaching with individual leaders, and facilitates training to improve leadership skills and team dynamics. A foundational element of Velocity’s Leadership Development Program, the Power Pathways™ Portal, is a proprietary app that consistently tracks the entire team to keep them accountable and focused, producing faster results and shared team wins.

“The outcome of the program is leaders and teams who are more self-aware, engaged, and working together with a consistent approach, vernacular, and competency model that incorporates consistent values and norms. This is pivotal as companies incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their DNA.” Brown elaborated, “It is exciting to watch the transformation in leaders and teams as they step through this science-based approach and begin producing rapid change, tangible results, and lasting impact to both their bottom line and their employees’ fulfillment.”

About Velocity Leadership Consulting
A woman and minority-owned business based in Denver, Colorado, Velocity Leadership Consulting elevates growth-oriented executives to their peak performance with rapid, sustainable results. Drawing on 30 years of success as a corporate executive and 20,000 hours of executive coaching experience, founder and CEO Karen Brown leads a team of professionally credentialed coaches. Each has held executive roles and merges C-suite level business acumen with neuroscience expertise.