Plan for Success, Not Fail to Plan and Fail

people running on race track

Try this on for size:

How many times can we look back at history and find countless examples of a seemingly impossible task, until someone comes along, plans for success, not ever thinking they won’t do it and their plan leads to overcoming the impossible.

Take Roger Bannister and breaking the 4 minute mile. For thousands of years, people endeavored to run a mile in under 4 minutes and failed. And then, in 1954, Roger came along, continually visualizing doing it, and most importantly, planned for it by breaking down each section, the time needed and training to accomplish it. And, on May 6, 1954, he broke it, to the amazement of the world! Its not that others before him didn’t want to break it. They just didn’t plan for success. They planned on and focused on the fact that it hadn’t been done and didn’t put a plan into place that would lead them to success.

My question to you is: Is your plan for success or failure? If you have a plan that includes, “this is what I will do if this doesn’t work,” then you aren’t planning for success. Contingencies aside, put a success plan in place and then follow it, like Roger Bannister. It will lead to doing what you and others may have previously thought, impossible.

P.S. – Roger’s coach also helped him plan for success and break down his goal into bit-size chunks. Who is helping you?

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