Team Coaching

How to lead yourself, each other and Direct Reports

Ideal for small to medium size teams

If you’re like lots of other lean companies, you are trying to leverage every dollar and every ounce of energy, as efficiently as possible. You’ve probably had a professional coach, and would love one for every member of your team, but simply can’t afford it, and prefer a cohesive program for all. Here it is!

Team coaching is comprised of coaching the entire team at once, using customized content culled and created from scratch after talking with every team member 1:1. From these interviews, we determine what is already known and used and what is unknown and needed. This creates a completely unique program of learning and growth for your team, since every leader and team is different.

The best results from this program come from doing Team Coaching first, in a series of meetings no longer than 2 hours (virtual or in-person, your choice) each, incorporating all into real-time work situations and dynamics. Supporting it with access to coaches to work on each team members’ growth edges to further develop individual skills.

Examples of Customized Content

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100% of the successor candidates we’ve worked with have been successful right out of the gate and over the long-term. Creating Exponential Results for their companies and stakeholders.
*Complete our Exponential Results Scorecard, to receive a custom report highlighting strengths, areas for growth, and even some coaching tips.