Team Dynamics & Relationship Intelligence Quotient (RQ)

Realize exponential corporate gains:
Elevate your entire team

Recharge the entire system

As an executive, you don’t operate in isolation. Instead, you’re part of a complex, tightly coupled, interdependent system. A positive change in one leader can influence the system.

Similarly, a simultaneous positive change in the entire leadership team becomes an opportunity to recharge the entire system.

How the Team Dynamics & Relationship Intelligence Quotient (RQ) program works

Along with one-on-one coaching each team member, our experts pull the whole team together to work on team dynamics and Relationship Intelligence Quotient; which is results through relationships. Using research from over five million users in companies of all sizes and industries, we are able to scientifically map leaders’ operational motives, their triggers, and conflict sequences at work in any team dynamic or interaction, thereby showing the pathway and tools to greater productivity and operational growth.

This also enables us to tailor the most effective, time-tested methods to desired outcomes of your organization and specific team issues.

Science overcomes team member reticence. This is not subjective or “your personality isn’t right” in some way; it’s simply scientifically mapped out behavioral patterns, which draw in team members through curiosity and keeps them engaged for rapid, lasting results.

Using the same Power Pathways™ methodology and concurrent coaching of our Accelerated Coaching for Executives (ACE) program, we work with your entire executive team. Employing the five Power Pathway steps, we help you and your team level up for lasting and unified change.

Each member of your team is paired with an Exponential Results coach and receives synchronized, individual coaching for optimal results.

Power Pathways™ Method

Impact: Dramatic up-level performance of your entire team

Your team emerges transformed and unified with new tools. The result is a shift in the entire company culture dynamic, corporate agility – and accelerated economic gains.

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