Enterprise Transformation Program

A comprehensive company-wide program that’s customized to your needs.

Accelerated results

Individual leaders, business owners, and executives reach out to us because something has changed that prompts self-evaluation – whether internally, externally, or both.

These achievers have done some development work in the past, such as consuming content, participating in corporate/other training or seminars. However, greater challenges have presented themselves, requiring higher-level work, and calling for accelerated results. They know they can no longer do this on their own.

Maximized Results

Designed specifically to deliver maximized results across the enterprise (versus one team or department), the Enterprise Transformation Program is for companies of all sizes: 

  • Large regional, national or global organizations with multiple levels of leaders dispersed across several divisions
  • Mid-size companies where HR does not have the time to create and administer a full leadership development program
  • Flatter organizations where senior leadership works directly with emerging leaders
  • Private-equity firms whose human capital is their greatest commodity
  • Established companies seeking reinvention or reinvigoration
  • Privately-held or family-owned companies

This program draws on many of the elements of our ACE and Next™Level leadership development programs while offering a whole other level of benefits, including in-person coaching and training classes, 360 evaluations, and team dynamics work. 

Program components can be sequenced with large leadership groups (Presidents, Sub-Presidents, VPs, etc.), and customized to your needs and objectives. 

At its core is our exclusive Power Pathways™ methodology and portal, which ensures the same, consistent, scientific approach is used with all team members. This adhesion facilitates rapid change and permanence.

Power Pathways™ Method

We can help when...

  • Senior leaders are retiring, and successors are not ready for leadership roles
  • Your company has just been acquired or has acquired another company
  • Team, division, or company performance is not where it should and can be
  • Most leadership-level promotions come from within
  • Foundational-level leadership development learning has been completed; you’re now seeking something that will catapult leaders up several levels
  • Truly elevated results are lacking or back-sliding with other leadership development work has been experienced
  • Cultural leadership shift to alignment is needed
  • Lack of senior team alignment is creating costly performance issues and wasted time and effort cycles
  • Board of Directors wants to support a new or incoming CEO for the greatest levels of success possible
  • Issues need rapid resolution for fast change and lasting results

The Enterprise Transformation Program is highly customizable. The following components can be added or tweaked to suit your needs, situation, and timeline. 

Leadership Training Classes

Virtual and in-person leadership training classes for all levels of your organization.

Classes align all of your leaders with the same language and expectations for higher levels of collaboration and performance.

Training can begin with key leaders and then be sequenced to roll out to large leadership groups and divisions.

Concurrent  Executive Team Coaching

Each leader and team member is paired with an Exponential Results coach so they can improve individually while elevating the entire team.

Because all members of the executive team are concurrently receiving coaching using the same approach, the collective improvements are exponential and permanent.

360 Evaluations & Interviews

We utilize 360 evaluations and interviews to identify baseline strengths, gaps, blind spots, trust index, perceptions, and misperceptions among your leadership team.

This information is used while coaching individuals and in team sessions to move the team forward faster.

Team Dynamics and Observing Meetings

Along with one-on-one coaching with team members, our experts pull the entire team together to work on team dynamics. We’ll also observe meetings to gain insight into true interactions vs perceptions.

This enables us to tailor the most effective, time-tested methods to desired outcomes of your organization and specific team issues.

Using research from over four million users in companies of all sizes and industries, we are able to scientifically map leaders’ operational motives, their triggers, and conflict sequences (also known as their behavioral patterns) at work in any team dynamic or interaction.

Science overcomes team member reticence. This is not subjective or “your personality isn’t right” in some way; it’s simply scientifically mapped out behavioral patterns, which draw in team members through curiosity and keep them engaged for rapid, lasting results.

Leadership Competencies

Our experts can help you develop the leadership competencies that produce cohesion for overtaking the competition.

Properly developed leadership competencies aid in rapid team integration and alignment on strategic initiatives and culture. And, provide a performance management tool.

Coaching  Skills for Leaders

Leaders need to be good coaches in a successful and change-pervasive workplace. We train your leaders to be effective coaches and change leaders. Using a short and informative program, your leaders will learn critical coaching skills while practicing new tools and models.

Leaders learn a selection of scientifically-based models that contribute to more impactful listening, inquiry, and understanding of the value of coaching for effective leadership. Certified leaders then participate in three to six months of mentor coaching with expert, certified coaches.

Proprietary Power Pathways  Portal

When businesses fail to track and measure changes in leadership performance over time, the initiative fizzles and the investment is lost.

A foundational element of our methodology is our Power Pathways Portal™.

A proprietary app, Power Pathways consistently tracks the entire team to keep everyone accountable and focused, producing faster results and shared team wins. You’ll quickly see your team’s goals, gaps, and progress.

Impact: Lasting transformation – and measurable results – across the enterprise

Focusing on executive leadership competencies and teaching skills that close the gap, the Enterprise Transformation Program produces consistent results – and is a true investment in helping your company achieve unprecedented yet sustainable gains.

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