Natalie R.

Nate Zich

The Problem

I was struggling with being able to support, trust and empower my professional team as we were faced with high expectations, high volume, and mounting workload. Because of this combination, I was completing other’s work, detaching from relationships, and quickly burning out. These actions undermined the team’s abilities to work independently, feel trusted and empowered and resulted inefficiencies. I thought my contributions were a way to support the workload, keep high quality and keep up productivity so that there wouldn’t be negative judgement on individuals and/or the team. I was not transparent with them about various stakeholder expectations to shield them from additional pressures. What coaching helped me understand is that by working in this way, I took on more than I could handle and depleted myself physically and mentally, took opportunities away from my team to be a part of the solution and impacted relationships.

The Breakthrough

After just two sessions with my Exponential Results coach, I realized how detrimental this situation was on me and others. I could not be the best leader for others and wasn’t allowing them to contribute and grow as leaders in their own roles. Identifying key objectives and metrics of measurement for each in their proprietary system, facilitated immediate change. I am strong in execution and solutions and had to adjust to consider responses and feelings, my own and others. I thought this might cause more inefficiencies and more work and quickly realized when others feel valued and empowered, their efforts offset this worry. The goals we set, aligned with the challenges and solutions and my coach had me set and log these through an easy-to-use online portal. Daily journaling in this portal guided my thoughts, practices, habits and growth and I appreciated my coaches’ quick responses and words of encouragement that always came at the right time.

How ER Coaching Helped Me

My coach held me accountable and supported the premise of appropriately holding others accountable. In my case, this is to ensure continued high quality and productivity and by taking steps working on my own growth and changes and as a team; we hold each other accountable, and the team dynamics are the strongest we have had in several years. There is more team support of each other as we are all working towards the same goals with transparency, trust, support, and empowerment. My coach supported my journey to improve my mental and physical health and I never felt judged when expressing weaknesses. She created a safe space to express my worries, fears, and my successes.

The Impact

The impact, in just three short months, has been transformative. I would say life changing for me and my team. I cannot express how coaching has redefined how I look at things, my perspective in looking at situations, and how I approach work and relationships. I am a better leader and now understand how I make decisions, why I have feelings or an approach that led to those decisions and I am now disciplined to respond optimally when needed. As importantly, I am now in a better place to lead and foster growth and leadership amongst team members.