What You Resist Not Only Persists, It GROWS Until You Deal With It

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What is your biggest challenge right now? Is it what you are resisting most? This is almost always the case. Here’s why:

The unconscious mind is responsible for all Learning, Behavior and Change. Not your conscious mind. Not you telling yourself over and over, “I’m going to deal with this today.” or, “No matter what, I’m going to get this done.” How often have you said that only to have it still lingering, unfinished?

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of the school of analytical psychology, specializing in the study of the unconscious mind. In 1933, he postulated that what you are resisting most will persist; in fact, it will continue to grow until you deal with it.

Since it’s now 2017, I won’t bore you with the years of scientific research that have proven this. I will simply give you two techniques to change it:

1.  Re-frame — This means re-framing your thoughts about the problem. We get stuck in the same thought pattern that what we are resisting is going be hard, have negative connotations or meaning. We are caught in our own unending feedback loop. One way to break it is to write down all of the positive outcomes from doing what you are resisting. Make an exhaustive list; 25-50 items. As you are writing each item, see yourself doing it, feel what it will feel like and sound like to do it. This engages your unconscious mind and completely re-frames your thoughts about the problem.

Your unconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind. Re-framing engages your unconscious mind, switching from negative connotations or meaning to positive. Since your unconscious mind can’t process negatives (this is another Oprah entirely), when you are applying negative meaning to things, your unconscious mind stops you from doing it. It was created to protect you from anything deemed to be harmful. Sooo, when you re-frame what you are resisting, it flips the switch from “I’m not gonna do that” to “Oh, I’m gonna do that.”

2.  Change the picture, change the outcome — The goal of the unconscious mind is to create situations that match the picture it has. It will keep re-creating the same situations until you change it. It goes like this:

When you think of the problem, what is the immediate picture that comes to your mind? (And don’t say it’s doing it successfully. If it is, you would have done it already).

Whatever the picture is, make note of it. Then, sit down and close your eyes. See the picture like it’s on a black and white television. And in the bottom right corner, like a picture in picture, see the image of the desired outcome. See it in clear, vibrant color. Then, all at once, switch them. Explode the color picture of the desired outcome over the black and white image so it completely obliterates it. And then see the color picture vibrantly and intensely with total clarity. Even better if the color picture is of you carrying out the action. Repeat this process 2 times, for a total of 3.

This works because it changes the picture of the outcome from a negative meaning to a positive one. And, it engages your unconscious mind to make it happen. Anytime you are stuck in a negative feedback loop, take notice, because it won’t go away. It will grow until you deal with it. Use these techniques and share your stories with me. I learn just like you do and always love your feedback.

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