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Relationship Intelligence Quotient (RQ)

Large Market Company

CEO of a large-market company felt wanted to take the senior leadership team to the next level and modernize company culture simultaneously. He and the team learned and incorporated Relationship Intelligence Quotient (RQ) training which enabled all to know and use the relational dynamics of each member and the team as a whole and fostering healthy conflict and efficient debate. A.K.A., how we get things done at work with others on a team. Because this worked so well, they expanded it throughout senior through mid-level leaders, catalyzing a positive and modern cultural shift. Ultimately, HR became internal trainers for this system to roll it out company-wide, and expand the almost 40% growth realized due to its inception.


  • The company enjoyed 39.8% growth during COVID, which was on top of its best year ever in its 55-year history in 2019.
  • An empowered senior leadership team working on themselves and growing as leaders, which opened the door for honest conversations about company direction, strategy, and priorities.
  • Knowledge and awareness of their own behaviors and those of others fostered more effective relationship management and productivity.
  • Each team member learned to navigate healthy conflict to yield greater results and decision-making through constructive debate.
  • Culture transformation, from the historical mistake-tallying model to one of individual empowerment,  transparency, cohesiveness, and accountability.

Middle Market Company

The identified blind spot for the COO was related to managing relationships effectively with the senior leadership team and direct reports. The senior leadership team’s blind spot was an inability to navigate through conflict in a healthy way. Prior to our work, they would each pull away from conflict, or engage in unproductive conflict, wasting massive amounts of time and money. An unintentional consequence of this behavior was that it permeated the rest of the company, resulting in undesirable company culture. Attrition was at an all-time high.


  • As a result of the implementation of RQ, the company had its best year by far in the history of the business (62 years).
  • The expanded senior leadership team (including division heads) now manages relationships at a highly effective level, increasing engagement and fulfillment while bringing out the best performance from each individual.
  • The senior leadership team now works together seamlessly and embraces healthy debate and conflict as part of the process of making the best decisions for company direction.
  • The Board of Directors has acknowledged an elevated state of company productivity and future prosperity that they never thought possible.

Large Non-Profit Healthcare Company ($1.1B annual revenue)

A large senior management team was dysfunctional and hearing many complaints, resulting in an environmental scan and requirement for transformative action. We worked with the team over a 13-month period, starting in-person and halfway through transitioning to virtual (due to COVID), implementing RQ, and systematically clearing historical conflict and residual baggage and resentment.


  • Realized +17% ROI in 3 months
  • Management team feedback indicated more open and healthy communication, willingness to listen and consider than ever before, and individual and team awareness that hadn’t existed previously. This was a very tenured team of strong individuals, so bringing about these changes was huge
  • Cohesiveness rather than divisiveness
  • Leadership and relational growth that cascaded through the rest of the department

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